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These are some of the most requested workshops and seminars presented by Kent Burnes. All workshops are written by Kent Burnes with input from over 1000 small business owners’ nation wide. Burnes Consulting can tailor a program to meet your needs and keep your business partners in the black! We will help you with all the details of hosting a Kent Burnes keynote or workshop from room layout to sponsorships. Email us at for more information or to schedule a workshop.

Secrets to Small Business Success©
Sharpening Your Competitive Edge

This award-winning workshop (International Golden Galaxy, Silver Appy and Mercury Awards) is for those business owners and managers ready to put a fine edge on their business. Kent will show each business how to sharpen 13 critical customer contact elements in the business. Learn how to keep potential problems from maturing, benefit from competition and have the customer sending more business your way. Business owners and their employees will learn how to be their own best business consultant and help their business stay ahead of the competition. This workshop is packed with sources and resources so bring a pen and paper or better yet bring your tape recorder so you won’t miss a word. Based on the best selling book Secrets to Small Business Success by Kent Burnes. Audio book available. Presentation length 1 1/2-3 hours


Small Business Under Attack!©

No longer is it just discounters taking aim at the small business owner everyone is. Pressures of compliance, discounters, internet sales, and loss of community loyalty have all taken a heavy toll. Kent Burnes has been researching the most successful techniques small businesses and communities use to retain and expand their market place for over 20 years. Kent has developed some very effective techniques for small businesses to use when under intense pressure from stiff competition This workshop is a must for any community that values business diversity. Businesses will learn:

Testing the waters, finding the shark’s weaknesses and setting the hook

The bait you must have in your business before you go fishing

Service that will filet the competitor

How to use image as a business builder

How to improve cash flow using pricing strategies

Where to find products discounters won’t carry

How to build customer loyalty in shark infested waters

Presentation length 2 – 3 hours

Outrageous Customer Service©

Customers say that only one in ten businesses satisfy their needs as a customer. So, just what are these needs? Is your business building a customer service program that extends beyond the basics? Do you know what the retention rate of your customer base should be? This workshop is more than a workshop stressing fast, friendly and efficient service. Find out what types of services are most important to your customers. All businesses should make it a point to attend this workshop and take the “Customer Quiz”! Additional information will provide you with:

A working definition of customer service your customers will love.

The top ten customer complaints and how to resolve them.

The steps to making your company a customer driven company.

How to monitor your customer service program.

How much you should spend on your customer service program.

Over 50 great customer service ideas that work.

What to do when the basics just don’t work.


Making Money in Small Business Made Incredibly Simple! ©

Every business owner wants a business that is a customer magnet! Kent Burnes, master of small business, will have your mind racing with new ideas as he shows you his techniques for creating and managing a customer magnet business. Every business owner will want to attend this workshop as it covers each aspect of keeping a business healthy and growing by addressing the four most critical areas of the business. You will discover a new and easy way to keep your business growing even in difficult markets. How to make more while charging less! End those discounts and have the customers flocking to your door. Employee problems out the window! Finally, choose the right advertising! Why small businesses are flocking to “safe haven” locations. With Kent’s proven four steps to success everyone in attendance will be on their way to a better business today! Presentation length 3 hours.


Employees…How to Recruit Them, How to Keep Them Happy.©

The title is simple enough; this session is all about employees. Today, businesses everywhere are searching for new ways to find just the right employee or hang on to a real keeper. This workshop will teach every business owner how to not only find the right employee but also once found how to hold onto them. Do you have employees with plenty of promise but no start button? Are you a business owner that talks about how employees used to be? All of these questions and problems are addressed in this workshop packed full of answers and advice. Don’t struggle with employee problems anymore, Fix-em!

Presentation length 1 1/2-2 hours.


Sharpening Those Selling Skills©

It has been said that we have lost the art of selling. Customers are encountering the order-taker sales clerk at every counter, who really knows how to sell? Your company does not have to abandon the friendly low-pressure style to increase sales. The fact is most front line employees and many managers do not even know the techniques of making a sale. How to make the customer want to buy your products is a skill that many develop into an art. Kent Burnes will show you and your employees the art of selling. Soft in style and a real cash register ringer. Learn how to handle tough customers, increase volume by 5-10%, close more sales and move more product. This workshop is a must for any one selling a product or a service and a desire to sell more.

Presentation length 2-3 hours.

Retail Trends and Consumer Profiles

What is hot and what is not? Most retailers are always in search of the right products for their market, but what are the trends forcing sales? This workshop is one of the most popular programs that Kent Burnes presents. Business owners will be on information overload when they leave this workshop. Kent will walk the audience through the most dominant consumer profiles today. Kent will amaze your audience with information that will help you niche into the most desired consumer groups for your business. If that is not enough Kent will wrap up the session with a profile of the hot retail trends (including product trends) for 2014-2015-2016. You will learn what is hot and what is not. Be a better consumer profiler and a better buyer the result will be fewer returns, no more dogs on the shelf and more money in your pocket!

Program length 1 1/2-3 hours.

Keynote and Opening Session Addresses

Kent Burnes has been addressing audiences on business related topics for over 20 years. Audiences from 50 to 5000 have enjoyed Kent’s passion, motivation and information. Each and every keynote address is developed with your audience and your goals in mind. Call any of our clients and they will attest to Kent’s outstanding speaking ability. Then, call us and lets discuss your conference needs and some of Kent’s ideas for a memorable keynote.


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