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“Kent Burnes is the “Passionate Preacher” for downtowns across America”
Thom Guzman, Director Iowa’s Center for Downtown Revitalization

Kent Burnes has been involved in downtown revitalization for over twenty years. Kent has pioneered techniques and perfected training programs for communities interested in revitalizing their downtown areas. Kent has served as an executive director in two National Main Street Cities and as a consultant to the National Main Street Center and National Trust for Historic Preservation. Over 750 small and large cities have invited Kent to speak or consult on issues related to the development and revitalization of their downtowns. Kent has a passion for downtown that is unparalleled and can tap some of the best talent in the country for those larger or more labor-intensive projects. In 2005 Kent also developed a small resort on the island of Roatan in the Western Caribbean. From Blue Bahia Resort, Kent also introduced and was able to study the effects of different approaches to "retaining downtown", throughout Latin America. Although Kent recently sold Blue Bahia Resort he maintains a financial interest in the resort. Teacher, developer, downtown advocate, gifted speaker, Kent will set the pace for your downtown!


Downtown Revitalization

Destination Downtown©

This is the program that ties it all together! Every aspect of making your downtown a destination is included in this award-winning program. Take the mystery out of revitalizing downtown. What is the main street approach? How does a community organize to revitalize their downtown? How do you get volunteers? Is the city involved? All of these questions and more are answered as downtown revitalization is explained so everyone can understand the process as they learn what role individuals, businesses, property owners, government and organizations play. Where does the money come from? What kind of success can our community expect from a downtown program? Kent Burnes will show you a step-by-step process for moving your downtown forward. Each community will also receive a Downtown Revitalization Handbook to reinforce the information contained in the workshop. If your downtown program has lost steam or if it never got off the ground email us today to contact a downtown specialist. We will design a variation of our Destination Downtownę program that will cure what’s ailing you!

Lost in Translation©

In today’s environment small businesses are strained for profit. Profit is the motivator for all businesses, without it failure is certain. There are only 4 areas a small business or any business has to focus on and manage profit. Have we shown the business community how to match their four central areas of focus to the 4-point approach as advocated by the National Main Street Center? Are you in need of more participation, more buy-in, more working together out of your business community? If the answer to that question was yes this is a program you and your business community must see. Case studies include communities in the USA, Central and South America. This presentation is often part of a resource visit to the community.

Train the Trainer©

As a downtown or business district manager it is often tough to diagnose which businesses in your district are having trouble or are heading in that direction. It is even tougher to tell how well your good businesses are really doing without access to (often sensitive) financial information. They all say that they are doing ok. But how do you really know? This training session is a must for any manager dealing with small businesses. Kent Burnes, master of small business, has developed a program to train front line managers to act as a resource for small businesses while better understanding their operations. Kent will train you to help business owners find the overlooked “holes” in their business. How do most businesses fall into trouble? What are the warning signs? Are your businesses breaking the things that were already fixed and fixing the things that weren’t broken? Don’t assume that you can immediately spot the problems in any business. Kent will leave you with a simple to use system that will help anyone find the rough spots in any business. Presentation length is 1/12 – 3 hours.

Building a Strategic Plan that Works!

In the last twenty years of working with downtowns I have noticed that those organizations that plan on an annual basis just outperform those that don’t. I have also noticed that a downtown management program needs a facilitator that knows what they do to help craft that strategic plan. It is important to have a facilitator that understands the opportunities and limitations related to downtown. It is important to have a facilitator that understands public administration, non-profit management, creative financing, committees, volunteers, the four-point approach and other unique nuances related to downtown management. As a former manager and consultant working in this field for over 20 years I understand the challenges facing downtown programs. Having Burnes Consulting facilitate your annual strategic planning session will be like a breath of fresh air.

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These are a sample of the business training programs offered by Burnes Consulting. We would be happy to discuss any special training needs you might have or a particular audience you would like addressed. Do not hesitate to call our office or send us an email for more information or to check an available date.



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