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Businesses of all size find themselves in need of outside expertise that does more than to take their watch and tell them what time it is! Too often it is assumed that only businesses in trouble need business consultants. Not true.  In fact, a great deal of our clients are thriving businesses that have found a rigid “checkup” from time to time has kept them thriving in challenging times.  Our firm is skilled in all aspects of retail, service, online and manufacturing businesses.  Most of our clients have 3-500 employees but we have worked with many multi-national companies as well.  Not many consultants will offer a satisfaction guarantee.  Burnes Consulting has always guaranteed that you will be happy with our work or you do not pay for our time, period.  


One on One Consulting

Our consulting services are tailored for each of four different types of industries; retail, service, online and manufacturing.  After a lengthy facetime or phone conversation and a review of relevant information an initial tech visit is scheduled.  This technical visit is often sufficient to put the business on the right track and the only follow-up needed would be by electronic communication.  The onsite work is most often 2-3 days in length depending on each individual need. We will provide a recap at the end of the project and a written report with specific implementable recommendations within two weeks. This is a total “checkup” for the business. The cost of the service is from $2400 - $3900 depending on the number of days and complexity of the business. Transportation, lodging and meal expenses are not included.


Phone or Facetime Consultations

Phone consultations are available for ongoing assistance to companies after their technical visit or for those companies that just need some coaching in their corner. An initial “intake” consultation is required if the client has not had an onsite visit. Phone consultations are purchased in blocks of “hours” starting with 3 hour blocks and may be used in 30 minute increments.  The initial intake lasts approximately one hour and costs $145. Each three-hour block is $275.


Site reviews, market studies, consumer profiles, and competitive profiles

Burnes Consulting can provide a wide range of services for those businesses that are entertaining and expansion or are in need of feedback from their customers.  We have provided simple shopping services to extensive market studies and site reviews.  We have developed strategies to compete with national discounters, online discounters and others for a wide range of industries.  Due to the individual needs and specific nature of these services all are provided on a quote basis.


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